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I've got a passion for working with small, local businesses

You wouldn't do your business taxes yourself, or expect a part-time employee to do them, right? And you wouldn't expect your office manager to know how to code a beautiful website. That's exactly how you need to start thinking about social media. It's a specialized area of marketing that requires a unique skill set. Hi! I'm The Paden Link, a millennial with a marketing degree and proven track record of social media results. I keep up with trends, algorithm changes, digital marketing strategy, and what Gen Z decides is cool so you don't have to!

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Quick Facts

As a child, my dream job was to be a QVC Broadcaster... so it's no surprise that I ended up in social media marketing.

I love thrifting and all things vintage, particularly 70s! I'm a disco lovin' groovy wild child at heart.

I'm an avid tennis player - Venus and Serena Williams were my idols and the subject of every biography project in elementary school!

while also having time back in your life? Book your social media management package so I can take some work off your hands!

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I get customers coming in almost daily, telling me they saw Manic Snail on Instagram or TikTok and they "just had to come in." The proof is in the pudding! --- In summary... what Kamille has been recommending and the effort she and I have both put into our collaboration WORKS. So, if you're like me, evaluating new ways to advertise and grow your business, give Kamille a shout.


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